The Benefits of Filing Your Tax Returns Early

  1. Faster Refund: Most people wait until March/April to submit their tax returns. With the large number of submissions to review, it takes longer for your return to be processed and funds distributed, therefore, delaying your refund.
  2. Prevent Identity Theft: If your SS# is compromised, a fraudulent tax return can be filed and a refund collected in your name. If this should happen, when you file later in the season, your return will be rejected as a duplicate filing. Filing early pre-exempts the tax thief.
  3. Proper Information/Documentation: Preparing early, without the anxiety of a looming deadline, will keep you calm when gathering all your documents. You can think about what information you need, and less chance of missing something.
  4. Tax Preparer Availability: When tax season is in full swing, the harder it is to contact your busy tax preparer. By preparing early, you will have their attention.
  5. Time to Plan If You Owe Taxes: Early filing gives you time to come up with an option for raising the money. You may borrow money or set up a payment plan.

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