Frank Oswald

Frank Oswald

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Associate Attorney

Frank Oswald

Frank Oswald has joined the NYC law firm of Grimaldi Yeung Law Group as an Associate Attorney to practice in the areas of elder law, estate planning, and settling estates.

Frank hails from Staten Island and is part of a family that currently boasts seven lawyers–including a father and grandfather, also named Frank Oswald. The family has ”More lawyers than you can shake a stick at”, as his father, a prominent lawyer with many years in the field, proudly claims. He has grown up in the law.

Frank attended Saint Joseph by the Sea High School in Staten Island, graduated with a B.A. in English from Adelphi University, and graduated from Brooklyn Law school in 2020.

Frank is thrilled to be practicing in an area of law such as elder law and trust and estates in which he can focus on helping families address the issues of retirement, long-term care, and the legal issues of the later years.

After graduating from Brooklyn Law School in 2020, Frank faced the special challenge of finishing his degree and studying for the bar during the Covid-19 pandemic. After graduation from law school, his bar exam was postponed several times. This did not deter him and he applied himself even harder. He was inventive in the face of this challenge, using this extra study time to expand his knowledge of the law, learning from videos, lectures, and practice sessions.

In the course of a forced intensive study period, he deepened his passion for advanced research, one of his favorite courses in law school. Frank has a special ability to focus on and examine case law needed to analyze legal issues. This is a skill his clients can benefit from. He can find and explore some of the hidden, unexpected, and secondary sources of legal research, carefully examining past noted decisions. An avid reader in his downtime, he spent more time examining legal texts. He soon learned not to ignore the footnotes of a case which are often a gold mine of useful information!

While studying at Brooklyn Law, Frank secured a prized internship in the Surrogate’s Court where he accessed the inside track on creating and filing court documents needed to settle an estate. More importantly, this experience introduced him to the human side of the court system and how the system works in the Surrogate’s Court. He learned the importance of collaborating with the court staff, other lawyers, and most importantly the families who have lost family members and need help in settling their affairs. This internship tapped into his compassion for the client service and guided him toward working with older adults. Frank aims to keep the best interest of the client and the elders front and center in his efforts.

Frank’s experiences have kindled his interest in learning more and more about the law as he states that “the law is always evolving.” Frank has become a diligent attorney who aims to keep abreast with the changes in elder law, estate law, and wills and trust law changes.

Mr. Oswald will join the Grimaldi Yeung Law Group continued history of community service. He hopes to do pro bono work for marginalized people, helping them establish living wills and power of attorney.

Frank enjoys exploring new cultures and foods, although Sunday dinner is his favorite meal: “I’m family-oriented, and there’s always a seat at our table for Sunday dinner!” With family roots running deep in the legal world, plus his sense of compassion, Mr. Oswald is a strong asset for older adults and a wonderful addition to the Grimaldi Yeung Law Group.

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