Grimaldi & Yeung LLP Calls You to Action
on the Following Potential Bill Passing:

This week, Wednesday, February 14 or Thursday, February 15, the House of Representatives may vote on H.R. 620, a dangerous bill that denies the civil rights of people with disabilities. We hope you will join the disability and civil rights communities to fight this terrible bill.

H.R. 620, also known as the “ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017,” states that businesses no longer have to provide accessibility to people with disabilities.  Instead, they can remain inaccessible until a person with a disability, notifies the business that it is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and can take up to 6 months or longer to fix the problem. This bill is unacceptable and blatantly denies the civil rights of individuals with disabilities.

PLEASE JOIN US in the fight to stop the passing of H.R. 620 in the House of Representatives.

We have provided you with information & link below on how to locate your local elected official to reach out and stop this bill. We hope you will join our law firm and the special needs clients we serve to stop this law and improve the lives of all special needs children, adults and their families.

Help us tell this Congress that the civil rights of people with disabilities will not be dismissed. Thank you!

TO WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE…go to and enter your zip code. From there, click on the envelope under your representative’s photo.


“Dear Representative [name],

As someone who lives in your district, I want you to vote no on H.R. 620, the ADA Education and Reform Act. This legislation would weaken the civil rights of people with disabilities and make it harder for them to be a part of their communities.

H.R. 620 would rip the heart out of this part of the ADA. Businesses would no longer have any reason to make their shops, restaurants, and hotels accessible to people with disabilities. Even if a person with a disability sent a detailed written notice to the business about a physical barrier, he or she might still have to wait 6 months to get access!

Don’t roll back the rights of people with disabilities. The ADA is a civil rights law and its protections must remain strong!

Please vote no on H.R. 620.”


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