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The Best Book About Estate Planning

(Full Disclosure: We Wrote It)

The Best Book About Estate Planning

(Full Disclosure: We Wrote It)


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Joanne and Frankie and all:

Both Peter and Michael would like to thank you once again for your professionalism.You have shown us that your firm does care about their clients. Thank you for everything.  You were clear and fair and thorough. It was a very good experience.

Best wishes,

Michael & Peter

Michael & Peter
Dear Ms. Seminara, On behalf of my mother and myself, I would like to thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and professionalism in helping and guiding us in the preparation of the legal documents for her. I especially appreciated all of your patience and how you listened which was so very important to her. Again, thank you. Very truly yours, Dolores
A review for Judith Grimaldi and Naomi Levin: Ms. Grimaldi and her team, especially Naomi Levin, offered me so much wise guidance and warm support as I worked to set up Medicaid for my ex-husband and to provide for his care once he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. As his condition deteriorated, they always found time to respond with a phone call or an email, even during off-hours or weekends. They were remarkable advocates and they made a profound difference during very difficult days. I am so grateful to them. -Masha D.
Masha D.
A review for Joanne Seminara, Esq.: I had worked for the City of New York for 25 years and was ready for retirement but frankly knew little or nothing about pension and social security benefits and how to maximize their value or how to invest my modest savings and annuities. Now I had known Ms. Seminara for many years through various community service activities we had participated in and so I personally trusted her; without question I wanted her to be my legal consultant as I phased into my separation from civil service. Ms. Seminara was deliberate, thorough and thoughtful as we reviewed my various assets and subsequent strategies on how to best utilize them as well as creating my first will and testament. What was most helpful was how our meeting left me feeling confident in my future plans and, even more important, how my heirs are now finally included in them. Today Ms. Seminara is there to offer advice and suggestions whenever I need clarification or guidance on matters that impact my financial well-being, all done with a generous dose of humanity and good-will. - Joe T.
Joe T.
Dear Joanne: I wanted to send along a note of thanks for all the support and guidance with my aunt’s guardianship hearing.  I know it’s been several months since the hearing and decision. You and the entire team were such a ray of light during a very stressful and upsetting time period in my life.   I don’t know where to start tell you how much I appreciated your support – from the first call to our meeting, the hearing and follow up. Beside the sound and strong legal advice, I was especially touched by the care and compassion you provided me.  At every step of the way you and the team were there to support and guide me. I was touched by how much you deeply cared for me, my case and helping my family. I have never been through anything like this in my life, and you really provided me the comfort and assurance I needed during such a stressful and unsettling time.  For that, my family and I are deeply grateful. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to the entire team, for being there for us and providing such outstanding legal advice – and more importantly caring for me, my aunt and our family. - Russell F.
Russell F.
My brother and I were most pleased with the outstanding professionalism, expertise and experience that Joanne Seminara, her legal assistant and her firm Grimaldi & Yeung LLP provided us during the most emotional and difficult months of our lives. It was a pleasure to walk into her office, which was most warm and welcoming, creating a comfortable professional  atmosphere, as we met to discuss many legal matters that were quite new to us. Selling our mom's house, our home for more than fifty years, was both  emotionally draining and legally challenging. Yet, Joanne's consistent reassurance and communication made all the difference to us as we handled this overwhelming situation. I certainly appreciated Joanne's calmness, patience and understanding that went beyond her valuable legal advice and knowledge. I am sure that future clients will also benefit from these positive qualities that are most important during a time that can be quite upsetting and frightening to many people. I related to her kind manner and understanding nature. I am sure that future clients will also be as pleased and as grateful as we have been. I would certainly highly recommend Joanne Seminara's services without any hesitation. Thank you again. -Paulette H.
Paulette H.
Joanne Seminara and her assistant handled legal issues relevant to the passing of our mom. Throughout the process, Joanne displayed a working knowledge of the law as well as an informed view of the expectations and requirements needed to fully represent the estate and home sale. Her services were always well-organized and efficient. The quality of her legal advice and actions on behalf of the estate demonstrated competence, proficiency and a degree of experience that was much appreciated. We both respect and commend Joanne Seminara for her professionalism and her legal representation on our behalf.     - Tony D.
Tony D.
Just wanted to say thanks to all of you. My mother would not be home without your efforts. I sent a fruit basket from Amazon last week to say thank you. I hope it got there ok. I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2017. Best wishes, Andy
Andy F.
Pauline Yeung did an excellent job explaining the rules for qualifying for Medicaid to me. Her associates also did a great job completing the application and helping me understand the process. I would highly recommend Pauline & her firm.
Pauline made everything look so easy and it actually was. She gave both my dad and I, clearly detailed, and thorough explanations as to how the process would go and it was quick too. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat without second thought. Thank you again Pauline, for making this smooth sailing!
Sincerely, M.
Just a little note to say "thanks". You did a GREAT job today….. and…. You have the patience of a "saint". We accomplished what needed to do to get all of their paperwork in order, under extremely difficult conditions today. So again, THANKS…. I knew I made the right decision when I selected you for this project.
Carl G.
I just wanted to thank you for the periodic Elder Law Updates that you send to your clients. They're quite helpful. Some of the topics are eye-openers, so I print them out so that my children will be well-informed when I'm gone.
Emanuela T.
You gave so much information in such a clear, warm way, explaining these complex and often anxiety-producing legal and financial decisions. It was a wonderful introduction and guide to what needs to be considered and worked out in a legal form, and I had the feeling that many people came away with new confidence for getting the plans set up.
Zoe Kyle Moffitt, RN
Support Group Co-Leader / Park Slope United Methodist Church