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Joanne Seminara

Grimaldi Yeung Law Group LLP is sad to announce the passing of our partner and dear friend, Joanne Seminara. An attorney known for her thoroughness, tenacity and compassion, Joanne Seminara was an extraordinary elder law attorney who followed in the footsteps of her father, Joseph Seminara. A well-respected community leader, she was a tireless advocate for elders, a preservationist who kept our neighborhood livable, and an effective member of the Democratic political party, serving as a Bay Ridge District Leader.

Founding partner Judith D. Grimaldi shares: “My dear friend and sister Joanne Seminara is a shining example of a woman who loved her family–her husband Pierre, two children, and four grandchildren–her friends, and her community. Joanne’s last instruction to me was to always ‘share your love.’ And I will do this in her memory. I will miss my dear friend and sister Joanne Seminara.”   

Passionate public speaking, organizing and community service were an important part of Joanne’s life. In 2015, Joanne, with Judith D. Grimaldi, authored her first book entitled: Five @ Fifty- Five; Five Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55, as part of a public education campaign that highlights the critical importance of having 5 legal documents in place by mid-life.     

Joanne Seminara received numerous awards and recognitions, among them: 2017 Bay Ridge Third Avenue Merchant’s Civic Award; 2016 Power Women in Business Award from Home Reporter & Spectator News; 2016 Community Service and Law Award from the Brooklyn Real Estate Board; 2014 Winner of New York City Council Women’s Community Service Award; 2012 Winner of Top Women in Business Award from Home Reporter & Spectator News. Joanne was named “Best Lawyer” 2020.     

Joanne was an active member of the Elder Law and Special Needs (ELSN) Section and the Trusts and Estate Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). She was co-chair of the ELSN Ethics Committee, co-chair of ELSN’s Committee on Long-Term Care Facility Reform, and a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, the Bay Ridge Bar Association, and the Brooklyn Bar Association. As a member of Community Board 10 for over two decades, Joanne served as Chair of Board 10 from 2010 to 2013. A volunteer member of community organizations for many years, Joanne was past President and member of her local chapter of Business Networking International and an elected New York State Democratic Committeewoman and Executive Committee member of the New York State Democratic Party.   

 The Bay Ridge Center was deeply meaningful to Joanne. Grimaldi Yeung Law Group LLP along with the members of the community fundraised to dedicate the Bay Ridge Center’s new Art Room and Gallery in her honor. The Bay Ridge Center is continuing to accept donations for the maintenance and staffing of the Joanne Seminara Art Room and the Center’s ongoing art programs in her memory. To donate to the Center, use this link. 

Grimaldi Yeung Law Group LLP hopes you will join in remembering Joanne Seminara for her friendship, leadership, and goodness. 

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