Caring for a Loved One

Caring for a Loved One

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A dream of  growing older gracefully is to grow older together with your loved ones. This wish and dream are not always as idyllic as we hoped. Often the later years, for ourselves and our loved ones, comes with the need for help and care. The gift of old age and long life, which ever more frequently can be 95-100 years of age, is often mixed with the presence of chronic illness and a general slowing down in both physical and cognitive ways. With this reality, family caregivers, helpful circles of friends, or even professional service providers can be challenged to provide crucial care needed during a long-term illness.

Caring for a loved one in their later years or when facing a long-term chronic illness can require much continual and personal care. The need to provide this type of care can be a strain on  even the most well-intentioned family caregivers as they may not be prepared for the level of help needed nor have the skills or temperament to handle the caregiving tasks.

The caregiver is often faced with running the household of the elder, including their cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, attending doctor appointments, filling prescriptions, and hiring and supervising home care workers with so many more personal and individualized tasks. This is all done while running and juggling their own household and caring for their own family, spouse,  children or grandchildren. The caregiver needs to clone themselves to accomplish it all, while still being a health and public benefits expert. How can an elder law attorney and their staff help the caregiver fulfill this role?

Our care and Medicaid team can help you sort out the care needs of your loved ones, as well as help you identify and use available aging services. We can link you to care managers to help you implement the care plan. Our firm will be sure you have all the needed legal tools at your disposal, such as executed Powers of Attorney and Health Care directives. This will allow you as a caregiver to make relevant health decisions and access resources when available to pay for care needs. 

Our firm can advise you on asset protection and creating customized Wills and Trusts to hold and manage your loved one’s assets.This will ensure that these funds are available to  provide optimum care when needed. If and when there are insufficient funds to cover care needs and costs, our firm can advise you on Medicare and Medicaid options for home care and long-term institutional care such as assisted living, rehabilitation, and nursing home care.

As an elder law firm, we have made a commitment to understand the long-term care needs of the later years, the resources available in our metropolitan areas and the rules and application process for public benefits and entitlements such as Medicaid covered care services. Our aim is to provide you with a road map for caregiving and to provide a one-stop place to address the many needs of the later years and the caregiver’s concerns.

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