Medicaid Planning / Asset Protection


Clients intimidated by the Medicaid and Medicare systems often approach our firm for the personalized and compassionate legal advice they need to feel comfortable. The attorneys of Grimaldi & Yeung LLP hold years of legal experience in doing exactly that. We also provide our services in Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish.

We help clients from all five New York City boroughs, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. With our help, our firm’s clients have been able to maximize their rights under both of these systems in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

  • Medicare options
  • Home care
  • Nursing home
  • Transferring their house
  • Medicaid planning for couples
  • Managed care issues


We will compassionately help you with these benefits. One of our clients’ biggest obstacles in using Medicaid and Medicare is their fear of working with a stranger who will not treat them kindly. We make compassion a cornerstone of our practice.

Our significant experience in this area means we approach Medicaid strategically. We can help you get in front of the issue, establish your eligibility for Medicaid and proactively manage and protect your assets.

When it comes to Medicare, our firm approaches it as an insurance optimization opportunity. We provide our clients with our firm’s hallmark individualized service, a personalized approach that can deliver the financial results our clients need, and bypass the impersonal bureaucracy that often characterizes Medicare.

Ultimately, we understand that this area is in flux as Medicaid and Medicare continue to merge. For that reason, our experienced attorneys’ judgment offers particular value: they can help you benefit from the law, even as it changes.

Asset Management

Persons with special needs or disabilities can be especially vulnerable to financial adversity. Often, their ability to earn income for themselves is limited and they must rely on support from loved ones and from government benefit programs. Grimaldi & Yeung LLP can help your disabled family members manage financial affairs and protect assets through:

  • Durable Powers of Attorney which allows individuals who have the capacity to designate an agent to manage their financial affairs. This can avoid the need for a formal guardianship.
  • Trusts that allow you to set aside assets for the specific purpose of providing for care, support, maintenance and special needs.For a person with a disability, the most common types of trusts include:
    • Living trusts.
    • Pooled/corporate trusts.
    • Supplemental needs trusts.

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