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Care Advocacy

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Taking full advantage of all available government benefit programs can be essential to ensuring appropriate living situations and quality health care for anyone, and especially for those living with a chronic condition. In fact, some services require participants in these benefit programs to be both financially and physically eligible for coverage from government benefits such as Medicaid. Grimaldi Yeung Law Group specializes in applying for and obtaining benefits under:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Elder Law: Health Insurance

A sound financial strategy for long-term care planning will include an analysis of various kinds of insurance coverage, including Medicare, employer retiree health insurance, and Medigap insurance. There are many complicated products on the market for health insurance and more to come under the changing federal and state healthcare reforms. Grimaldi Yeung Law Group can:

  • Evaluate your current insurance coverage and help you select supplemental plans
  • Review the insurance policies’ likely financial and tax benefits
  • Match insurance policies to your overall long-term care needs
  • Assess any impact on eligibility for entitlement programs, such as Medicare Savings Plans and Medicaid
  • Assist with analyzing Medicare Part D and C options

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