Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Many estate planners often emphasize taxes to the exclusion of other important life and individual concerns. At Grimaldi Yeung Law Group, while we do address all the necessary estate and tax planning needs, we also focus on the increasingly difficult areas of long-term care and planning for the transfer of wealth to the next generation. We know that these are not easy issues to discuss, even with your lawyers, who have your best interests in mind.

For that reason, the peer-recognized attorneys of Grimaldi Yeung Law Group emphasize the delivery of our legal services within a larger context of compassion and client-centered services. This approach means that we take the time to work with you individually and to understand your legal situation, especially when it comes to your long-term goals for your retirement years, your family, then tax and probate concerns.

We want to know the unique features of your future hopes and plans for you and your family. To do that most effectively, we consider cultural issues and traditions, and offer our services in a variety of languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

New York Estate Planning Lawyers

We help clients throughout the five boroughs when it comes to their estate planning issues. Our attorneys put years of experience at the service of our clients with respect to a wide variety of estate planning issues, including Wills, Trusts,

IRA planning, tax planning, business succession, wealth management, protection from creditors, and probate avoidance.

In fact, our firm has authored the book, “5@55: The Five Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55.” Based on our years of experience in estate planning matters, we urge our clients to put their legal affairs in order by the age of 55. We recommend each client execute legal documents customized to his or her own unique situation.

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Estate Planning Services


Individuals should have a Will so that family and friends can be assured that their wishes for the distribution of their estate will be honored.

Medicaid Planning / Asset Protection

Are you or a loved one faced with long-term care expenses?


Grimaldi Yeung Law Group has drafted Trusts to help countless clients throughout New York.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning represents a broad category of requirements and care.

Retirement Planning

Retirement funds represent a valuable asset and thus are an important segment of a retired person’s income picture.

Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance is a vehicle that many people use to preserve wealth and provide financial security for their families.

Wealth Management

For years, the peer-recognized attorneys of Grimaldi Yeung Law Group have advised clients with respect to their most difficult estate planning.

Digital Estate Planning

Family members often want access to a loved one’s social media account. 

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