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Grimaldi Yeung Law Group

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for in-person services or virtual appointments in all areas of our practice:

  • Elder Law
  • Estate planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Medicaid and Long-Term Care Benefit Advice
  • Care Advocacy and Caregiver Support

Call us today at (718) 238-6960 or email us at gylawny08@gmail.com to schedule your in-office or virtual appointment.


Elder Law and Estate Planning Law Firm – Serving Clients throughout New York City and the New York Metropolitan Area

Throughout New York City, clients turn to the experienced lawyers of the Grimaldi Yeung Law Group. We are a full service Elder Law firm, helping clients maximize their options in planning for the pre-and post-retirement years. Our peer-recognized attorneys provide the legal insight clients can depend on when considering their options for the future.

Years of experience and a culturally diverse office with staff conversant in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, are just two components of the firm’s commitment to compassionate legal service. We know our clients are facing some of the most stressful decisions of their lives and we always place our legal guidance in the larger context of clients’ needs and family dynamics. We make sure our clients feel comfortable working with us to freely discuss their most cherished hopes and needs.

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Dont Take our Word for it. Listen to the Words of our Clients.

Joanne Seminara and Angela Choy are always on top of things. Very professional, informed, and willing to go the extra mile. They have always responded back to me promptly and put my fears at ease. I am always stressed, and I feel secure in their knowledgeable hands. I am so glad I chose their services when my parents became ill. In their capable hands, I was able to navigate how best to help my parents

– Sue C.

Judith D. Grimaldi is just plain awesome. She is a knowledgeable professional relentless, and kindhearted. She supported me through a nasty suit with a bitter relative. She was always there for me. Due to her expertise and being respected in the legal community, I received an outcome in my favor which was also a blessing to my mother. Highly, highly recommended. I would not even confer with anyone else but Judy. We need more people like her in the world. She will give you whatever you need, and you will feel cared for. Her staff is equally supportive and efficient. Judy Grimaldi and her office are the real deal!

-Kathleen A.

I was forced into a difficult lawsuit with a bitter relative regarding my mother …Judy was amazing. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and relentless in working for me to a favorable outcome. She was very generous with her support, kindness, and her time. I would never have survived without her. She is the only person to call. I highly highly recommend it…I never felt lost or forgotten. She will have you back. Wonderful lawyer and person! Her staff is equally amazing, very helpful, and patient. It is truly qualified full service. You won’t be disappointed

– Kathleen A

This practice exemplifies the rare combination of professionalism, expertise, and compassion. Judith Grimaldi was a staunch ally and advocated through the emotionally difficult process of setting up a family trust and eventually making sure that my mother had the best possible situation in a long-term care facility. Dawn Bidetti was also extremely helpful. No question or concern was too large or small – and I always received a prompt and helpful reply. I like the fact that this is a women-led business, and I feel very confident recommending Grimaldi & Yeung to all

– Debra S.

Last week we had a letter from HRA saying that our daughter’s Medicaid application has been re-approved. We are very relieved that this is finally resolved. Thank you so much for all the work that your firm did to accomplish this. We do appreciate it. Thank you. Our heartfelt thanks to you and your attorney Kim

 – Margaret T

Thank you very, very much for the home visit today and for being so patient and understanding with Mom. Melissa and I truly appreciate your willingness to work with us. I have already told everyone who has asked me that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you and your firm. Once again, my heartfelt thanks for everything

– Lisamarie A.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I knew I was in good hands with everyone there. Thank you so much for your patience as well. I know I had a million questions and emails. Everyone there is a lovely in so many ways, and I am grateful I picked the right firm

– Susan Cavaseno Closs.

[su_expand more_text=”Show more” less_text=”Show less” height=”150″ hide_less=”no” text_color=”#000000″ link_color=”#0088FF” link_style=”default” link_align=”left” more_icon=”” less_icon=”” class=””]On the advice of financial consultants we have been working with for years, we asked Grimaldi and Yeung to assist in the setting up of a Trust Fund in New York for our disabled son. This involved getting access to funds that a state court had previously administered. This involved considerable complications, as while we are US citizens, we are located in London, and our son could not travel to the US to make court appearances. Grimaldi and Yeung did an exceptional job both representing us and keeping us informed at every stage of the process. We had as much access as we needed, both to the excellent junior staff and one of the firm’s principals, Judith Grimaldi. The firm set up a Skype interview with a court-appointed assessor so he could determine, to the judge’s satisfaction, that our son was not able to represent himself and made many other interventions with the court to facilitate and expedite the process. It terminated in a result that was complete to our satisfaction. Besides achieving the desired result, the firm gave lots of helpful advice to ensure the trust was set up to facilitate its use to our son’s maximal advantage. This firm provides an excellent service with a fully engaged staff, fully professional, and, in fact, downright friendly.[/su_expand]

– Professor Ken Games, University of London

[su_expand more_text=”Show more” less_text=”Show less” height=”150″ hide_less=”no” text_color=”#000000″ link_color=”#0088FF” link_style=”default” link_align=”left” more_icon=”” less_icon=”” class=””]I had worked for the City of New York for 25 years and was ready to retire but frankly knew little or nothing about pension and social security benefits and how to maximize their value or how to invest my modest savings and annuities. Now I had known Ms.Seminara for many years through various community service activities we had participated in, and so I personally trusted her; without question, I wanted her to be my legal consultant as I phased into my separation from civil service. Ms.Seminara was deliberate, thorough, and thoughtful as we reviewed my various assets and subsequent strategies on how to best utilize them as well as creating my first will and testament. What was most helpful was how our meeting left me feeling confident in my future plans and, even more important, how my heirs are now financially included in them. Today Ms.Seminara is there to offer advice and suggestions whenever I need clarification or guidance on matters that impact my financial well-being, all done with a generous dose of humanity and good-will.[/su_expand]

– Joe T.

You gave so much information in such a clear, warm way, explaining these complex and often anxiety-producing legal and financial decisions. It was a wonderful introduction and guide to what needs to be considered and worked out in a legal form, and I had the feeling that many people came away with new confidence for getting the plans set up.

– Zoe Kyle Moffitt, RN

Both Peter and Michael would like to thank you once again for your professionalism. You have shown us that your firm does care about its clients. Thank you for everything. You were clear and fair, and thorough. It was a very good experience

– Michael & Peter

Joanne Seminara and her assistant handled legal issues relevant to the passing of our mom. Throughout the process, Joanne displayed a working knowledge of the law as well as an informed view of the expectations and requirements needed to fully represent the estate and home sale. Her services were always well-organized and efficient. The quality of her legal advice and actions on the belief of the estate demonstrated competence, proficiency, and a degree of experience that was much appreciated. We both respect and commend Joanne Seminara for her professionalism and her legal representation.

– Anonymous

Dear Ms. Seminara,

On behalf of my mother and myself, I would like to thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism in guiding us in preparing the legal documents for her. I especially appreciated all of your patience and how you listened which was so very important to her. Again, thank you

– Dolores

[su_expand more_text=”Show more” less_text=”Show less” height=”150″ hide_less=”no” text_color=”#000000″ link_color=”#0088FF” link_style=”default” link_align=”left” more_icon=”” less_icon=”” class=””]I have the highest regard for Joanne Seminara. She is absolutely the best, most detailed, and thorough attorney with whom I have ever worked.

I hired Joanne to work with me on my guardianship case. My partner had a severe stroke three years ago, and I became his guardian. To pay for his medical, housing, and legal needs, I spent nearly the entirety of my savings. With my partner”s permission, I sold a house that he owned – and hired Joanne to petition the court to reimburse the money I had spent on my partner’s expenses from the proceeds of the sale of the house. That money is needed for my son’s college tuition and my retirement.

In addition, Joanne was tasked with establishing a supplemental needs trust (SNT) for my partner with money to pay for his future expenses. 

This was a complicated case and one which required extreme attention to detail.

Joanne immersed herself in the case to learn all the circumstances and create a detailed plan to successfully secure reimbursement and the establishment of the SNT.

Throughout my time with her, Joanne paid attention to every small detail – and managed the case in such a way that she was prepared to the top degree. She organized expenses I had incurred and made sure that I had a backup for everything – so that my case would be as compelling as humanly possible.

Joanne looks at the big picture and creates a viable plan – but where she is equally strong is in attention to even the smallest detail. She follows through on everything.

I am happy to report that my case had the best possible outcome, and Joanne should get all the credit for that. 

She is ethical, kind, business savvy, and detail-oriented. She is literally everything you need your attorney to be.[/su_expand]

– John M.

A great choice for Trust & Estate and Medicaid planning where they took care of my mom and dad. Thanks to the team of wonderful and pleasant staff led by Pauline for our cases no wonder their legal services are top rated. Come here if you want positive results and getting things done properly.

– Michael C.

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