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For years, the skilled attorneys at Grimaldi Yeung Law Group have advised clients on difficult estate planning concerns and their estate and trust management issues. Our firm draws on this considerable experience to offer clients prudent direction for wealth management.

Wealth Management

Our approach helps our clients preserve relationships and maintain family harmony during their lives, as well as when they pass. We work closely with each of our clients to learn their family dynamics to help structure their wealth management and legal strategies, acknowledging family sensitivities and needs.

We help our clients use many important planning and tax savings techniques, such as:

  • Advice on Gifting: to reduce estate tax and provide family and charitable gifts
  • Drafting Trusts: to support family goals and protect assets
  • Advice on Transfers: timing and amount of gifts to the next generation
  • Asset Protection Options: from creditors, tax liability, and Medicaid
  • Business Succession Planning: corporate structure, systematic control of transfers, and use of life insurance

We understand the pitfalls faced by many people when it comes to estate planning issues and wealth management due to fear, family tension, complexity, time, and stress. Our experience in these matters means we work with each of our wealth management clients to proactively manage their assets and holdings, identifying their wishes and creating the legal documentation necessary to ensure the fulfillment of those wishes in the future, creating a smooth, tax-saving transfer of wealth to their heirs.

We offer legal guidance to our clients in a variety of languages, including Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, as well as Spanish. We know that many of our clients deal with issues in handling wealth that can only be addressed by a personalized approach to their customs and the law.

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