Is it time for you to renew your Medicaid eligibility and did you recently receive a request to reapply?  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicaid recipients benefited from automatic renewal of their benefits, whether they returned or ignored their renewal applications. Despite the COVID-19 easements which did not enforce the renewal requirements, our firm advised our clients to reply to all of the renewal applications all along and supply the requested documents. In fact, when we prepared and filed the Medicaid submissions on the client’s behalf,  we submitted all the required paperwork.

Your new Medicaid automatic renewal requests will be coming to you soon, and we anticipate that all Medicaid recipients will soon be required to complete and file the forms with all requested documents.  With the end of the COVID-19 easements, it is bureaucratic business as usual.

If you need our help in completing your Medicaid renewal or any other Medicaid issues,  contact our Medicaid team and we will help you with the process. Or, if you would like more assistance on Medicaid or other elder law issues for you or your family member, we have trained staff who can not only complete and file the renewal application for you but address your elder law needs.

We hope this helps to keep you up to date. Enjoy your summer and we look forward to hearing from you.

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