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We go beyond the run-of-the-mill approach. Instead, we maximize our clients’ access to us. As a result, we get to know our clients and can offer them legal guidance tailored to their specific needs.

The Best Book About Estate Planning

(Full Disclosure: We Wrote It)

The Best Book About Estate Planning

(Full Disclosure: We Wrote It)



An In-Depth Look at Kinship

When a person dies without a will and is survived by an aunt, uncle, or
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What An Executor Of An Estate Needs To Do

One of the most important things someone can do to best ensure their estate is handled
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alleged father inheritance

Inheriting From the Alleged Father

Last week Alice’s alleged father died. Alice wanted to Administer his estate. Alice also wanted a
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per stirpes

Distributing per _______?

Ever look at a Will or Trust and see the words "per stirpes"? Ever been asked
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Paper person under an umbrella with Long Term Care Coverage text -- elder care insurance concept

New York Long-Term Care Insurance – Do’s and Don’ts

In recent times, pharmaceutical advancements have seen a spike in life expectancies in New York
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Wordcloud with Trust related tags

Can irrevocable grantor trusts be modified?

Many New York residents who have looked into estate planning are familiar with revocable trusts.
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estate planning concept with related word cloud on blackboard

A hectic life can be kept on track with proper estate planning

Some New York residents may neglect to plan for their future needs and those of
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CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walk—September 18, 2016

Grimaldi & Yeung LLP will participate in this year’s CaringKind Alzheimer’s Walk. Please join us on Sunday, September 18,
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Congratulations, Joanne Seminara!

We Are Proud to Congratulate Joanne Seminara Recipient of the Brooklyn Power Women in Business Hall of
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in New York City

Just a little note to say "thanks". You did a GREAT job today….. and…. You have the patience of a "saint". We accomplished what needed to do to get all of their paperwork in order, under extremely difficult conditions today. So again, THANKS…. I knew I made the right decision when I selected you for this project.
Carl G.
I just wanted to thank you for the periodic Elder Law Updates that you send to your clients. They're quite helpful. Some of the topics are eye-openers, so I print them out so that my children will be well-informed when I'm gone.
Emanuela T.
You gave so much information in such a clear, warm way, explaining these complex and often anxiety-producing legal and financial decisions. It was a wonderful introduction and guide to what needs to be considered and worked out in a legal form, and I had the feeling that many people came away with new confidence for getting the plans set up.
Zoe Kyle Moffitt, RN
Support Group Co-Leader / Park Slope United Methodist Church